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Critical Feminist Perspectives in Social Theory - SIMP 26

15 credits, Spring 2019
This course focuses on significant feminist interventions to social theories within the distinct but interrelated spheres of the economic, political, social and sexual. As a student of this course, you will be trained in the diversity of the field of feminist theory, including its debates, theoretical contributions and analytical tools.

About the course

Students will receive knowledge and skills about gender analytically and contextually, and of how gender in various ways always is inflected by race, class and sexuality. During the course, you will engage in analyses of how social relations and categorizations produce normativity and inequality, of how social processes are gendered, sexualized, racialized and classed, and of the impacts of this in specific locations and temporalities. By utilizing feminist perspectives within your own fields of study, you will acquire skills in the evolving tradition of interdisciplinary feminist scholarship and support feminist scholarship, through critical re-readings of the contributions of feminist research to your specific field of study.

A critical reading of the field of gender studies (by way of transnational and postcolonial feminist theory, gay and lesbian/queer studies and poststructural feminist scholarship) will be at the core of the course, enabling you to acquire theoretical depth and methodological skills and to expand your competencies in four general domains: work, family, politics and culture. More specifically, the course will treat the following arenas of feminist debate:

  • theorising gender, feminism and social theory
  • engendering history and society
  • rethinking gender, sex and sexuality
  • globalisation and gender


The course work consists of lectures; individual studies, seminars and independent project work in small groups. Teachers from the departments of Gender, Social and Economic Geography, Education, Sociology, Social anthropology, Media and Communication Studies, Political Science, Psychology and School of Social Work.

Online course platform

This course uses Live@Lund as the online course platform. The course platform will be opened about four weeks before the course begins to all students who were accepted. Here you will be able to access literature, assignments, announcements, as well as participate in discussions and communicate with teachers. 


The course schedule can be found under the course information on the right. Please note that the final version of the schedule will be made available four weeks before the course begins, and changes may occur until that point. A more detailed schedule will be available on the Course Site on Live@Lund.

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About the course

Course Period: 2019-01-21 to 2019-03-24

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Course Coordinator

Maja Sager
Maja Sager

Maja Sager

Associate Senior Lecturer, Department of Gender Studies

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