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Autumn term courses in methods


In the Autumn term, Graduate School offers the following methods courses:

SIMM51: The Social Scientific Research Design and Process

This course aims at providing a comprehensive understanding of different and mixed methods approaches in the Social Sciences, as well as providing you with necessary skills required for their application. (15 credits)

SIMM61: Quantitative Data Analysis in R

The aim of this course is for the student to develop an understanding of key concepts and principles guiding the use of quantitative methods, relate the use of quantitative methods to social science theory building and assessment, acquire practical skills with regard to the performance of statistical analysis and visualisation in R, and develop the ability to independently and critically assess quantitative research. (15 credits)

SIMM71: Computational Approaches in the Social Sciences

This course is aimed towards students who have some prior knowledge of quantitative research methods and wish to further develop their understanding of content analysis, and ability to independently apply computational methods of extracting content features from digital texts and images. (7,5 credits)

How to apply

If you are a programme student enrolled in one of the Graduate School master's programmes, you will be admitted and registered to the profiile course for your programme in the first term. If you are not a programme student in your first year of studies, you can apply for the courses that are open to external students via

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