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Autumn term courses



SIMP01: Introduction to Global Studies

The course aims at providing an understanding of current theories and debates connected to processes of globalisation and transformation. (15 credits)

SIMP27: Gender, Class, Ethnicity and Sexuality

The course provides students with core elements in current feminist theories in dialogue with established academic disciplines, which have highlighted the centrality of gender for the understanding of broader social processes and different social phenomena. Students will be encouraged to develop their understanding and appreciation of issues and perspectives central to the multidisciplinary field of Social Studies of Gender. (15 credits)

SIMP37: Theories and Issues in Development

This interdisciplinary course focuses on problems of poverty and human development. This course deals with key issues and problems of development as well as different theoretical perspectives developed to increase our understanding of the preconditions for and content of development. (15 credits)

SIMP45: Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies

This course examines the political and social development of the Middle East from the early 20th century until today, and puts the region in comparative perspective. Using social scientific categories to examine the region, the goal of the course is to expose the student to the complexities of the region and help them understand the profound changes that are taking place. (15 credits)

SIMP55: The Process of Social Research

This course aims to teach the student about the overall research process and social scientific research design. It begins by grounding the student with a common language and the key concepts that are used in social scientific research. The student learns about the logic of research itself, including applied theory of science, research designs (including mixed-methods designs), and gains practice in designing contrasting research proposals. (15 credits)

SIMS39: Gender, Global Development and Post-Colonialism

This course is interdisciplinary and addresses issues of gender and development. The course explores central questions and themes that have been critically raised by researchers and activists in the field. (15 credits)

SIMS40: AI in Society

The aim of this course is to provide a multifaceted theory-based understanding of AI in society and to prepare the student to critically reflect upon the ongoing expansion of AI and the consequences of AI applications on humans and institutions. (15 credits)

SIMS47: Contemporary Issues in the Middle East

This two-module course begins with a critical inquiry into the factors, forces, and processes underlying major social movements in the MENA region and studies their political, social, and economic roots. The second and final module moves from the geographic region and explores the lived experiences of migrants connected to the Middle East. Connecting local movements with those on the transnational and global level, this second module will study these dynamics through a diasporic lens. (15 credits)

SIMS59: Social Media and Democracy

Explore social media's role in revolutionising access to information, particularly in the political realm, and its inevitable position as part of the democratic process today. How have these new forms of spreading information and debate impacted democracy across the world? (7,5 credits)

SIMR45 & SIMR46: Internship Course

SIMR50: Fieldwork course

How to apply

If you are a programme student enrolled in one of the Graduate School master's programmes, you will be admitted and registered to the profiile course for your programme in the first term. If you are not a programme student in your first year of studies, you can apply via 

Please note that the internship courses (SIMR45 and SIMR46) and the fieldwork course (SIMR50) are not open for application online. These courses are only open for students enrolled in Graduate School's master's programmes.