Middle Eastern Studies: Theory and Society - SIMP46

15 credits, Spring 2021


About the Course

The aim of the course is to examine the utility of theoretical concepts, perspectives and approaches to the understanding of lived experiences in Middle Eastern societies. The student will examine a broad range of theoretical traditions and their application to studying the region. In addition to examining a series of theoretical perspectives, the student will also examine how Middle Eastern Studies, as a form of area studies, can contribute to disciplinary approaches and theoretical frameworks within the social sciences. The course will cover prominent empirical analyses into major themes such as social organization, inequalities, cultural narratives, and globalization. In doing so, the course stimulates reflections on how theory informs different research questions and methodological approaches and how evidence-based reasoning differs from common-sense approaches.

Online course platform

This course uses Canvas as the online course platform. The course platform will be opened about four weeks before the course begins to all students who were accepted. Here you will be able to access literature, assignments, announcements, and schedule, as well as participate in discussions and communicate with teachers. 


The course schedule can be found under Course Information on the right. Please note that the final version of the schedule will be made available four weeks before the course begins, and changes may occur until that point. A more detailed schedule will be available on the Course Site on Canvas.

Course Coordinator

Dalia Abdelhady

Dalia Abdelhady
Associate Professor, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

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