Course Management Information Guide

The complete guide to coordinating courses at Graduate School


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The Course Management Information guide is our comprehensive document on course management within the Graduate School. Below you will find a link to the latest version of this comprehensive guide for any questions regarding coordinating courses at Graduate School:

Course Management Information Guide (Version 3.2, Oct 2020)


Chapter 1: Graduate School introduction & contact info 

Chapter 2: So you want to pitch an idea for a new course? 

Chapter 3: Establishing a brand new course: from acorn to tree 

Chapter 4: Preparing a course for a new term

Chapter 5: While the course is running 

Chapter 6: Wrapping up the course 

Appendix 1. Setting up Canvas

Appendix 2. Processing student complaints

Appendix 3. Managing suspected plagiarism/cheating

Appendix 4. Graduate School – a Brief History