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A possibility to try your theoretical knowledge in the field!
An internship can provide a valuable experience in the field, as well as a reference for the future. An internship can be conducted in Sweden or abroad, in an NGO, a governmental organisation or in the private sector. This gives you endless possibilities for your third semester!

During the third term of the MSc programme in Development Studies, Global Studies and Social Studies of Gender, you can do an internship for the whole semester, 20 weeks (30 credits) or for half a semester, 10 weeks (15 credits). The internship course is only offered in the autumn term.

Why do an internship?

By doing an internship you will gain practical experiences within your field of study. The theories and methods you have been struggling with during your studies will help you carry out the tasks you will be given during your internship and give a better understanding of the context you are facing during your internship. And, if you did not understand the meaning of learning all the theories and methods during your studies, the internship will show you why the theories and methods can be useful and important tools.

During your internship, you will also increase your networks, make contacts and gain important references for future employment. The internship will be a possibility for you to get a taste of working life after graduation. It will also help you see your competencies, skills and knowledge, and how these can be put into practice, which will assist you when you start applying for work after graduation.

Last but not least, an internship will give you an inside glimpse of a particular occupation and organization. The internship may help you to discover if the area of work you are considering is what you would like to work with after graduation.

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