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Jenny Ciaccia

My internship
Jenny went for an internship with a NGO based in Rome, where she spent 20 weeks working closely with local office staff on all aspects of project cycle planning and development. She found the internship herself by using the internet to find interesting work opportunities and contacting relevant organizations directly. After sending in a letter of interest and undergoing a Skype interview she was given the internship that lasted the full third term of her studies.

– It was such a great experience. I learned so much from the internship and felt my work was really meaningful. Because my internship was in Europe I was able to get Erasmus Internship funding for it, which obviously made things even better.

Development Studies is a broad area of study, with many competing theories and discourses, so Jenny felt the internship gave her the perfect opportunity to see how development in practice really works. It was also a way for her to complement her academic studies.

– I now feel I understand the processes and the structures influencing development, in particular with regards to UN and EU projects. I have gained future contacts and will be able to use the experience from my internship to write my master thesis. I have also been asked to work on a couple of projects for the NGO I did my internship with, so I can really say that doing an internship was an amazing opportunity for me.

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Jenny Ciaccia did an internship in Rome, Italy

Jenny Ciaccia


Master of Science in Development Studies

Social Work

Internship: The Centre for Information and Development Education (CIES) (new window)

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