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Björn H Larsen

My internship
Bjørn H. Larsen has carried out his internship at the Danish Social Democrats in the European Parliament.

Bjørn has named the following as the reasons for choosing internship over extra courses or Erasmus exchange.

- You get hands-on experience on the specific subjects you study and hope to specialize within. It is a great inspiration for your thesis and might lead to a relevant job later on.

Bjørn found his internship through a national student's portal. The politicians were actively searching for students themselves. Often you can get far with directly contacting the specific politician you want to work for yourself.

He think it is it is a good idea to check up on how familiar the organization is with interns. If it is a new setup, they might be ecstatic to have you onboard but might not know specifically what they want you to do. Make sure to discuss the details of your stay both for your own sake, so you know what to do. But also so the organization is well prepared and have set aside plenty of work for you. If possible, try to contact previous interns.

-I was entrusted a lot of responsibility and was personally following everything regarding gender equality and energy politics. This was highly challenging but equally rewarding where you learn the European political system by doing.

Bjørn thinks that being part of a political office, the media coverage is highly prioritized. This meant that they took turns getting up early in the morning to go through and compile all relevant articles and stories from the national and European media before the politicians stepped into office. Interesting work, but it was easy to miss your bed.

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Internship profile

Bjørn H Larson did his internship with the Danish Social Democrats.

Bjørn H. Larsen


Master of Science in Global Studies

The Danish Social Democrats in the European Parliament

Faculty Office
Sandgatan 3
221 00 Lund