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Katrin Emelie Forslund

My internship
Katrin Emelie Forslund has carried out her internship at the Swedish Representation at the UN in Geneva. She was able to find an internship closely related to her primarily area of interest - Global Health.

Katrin has named the following as the reasons for choosing internship over extra courses or Erasmus exchange.

- On master level I wanted to do something connected to the reality and something that would look good on my CV. By doing an internship you can also get inspired for the future job and start building the network. Furthermore, your internship could lead to a job, if your graduation is not that far away. In my case the negotiations that I was observing also inspired me to write my Master's Thesis.

She believes that it is very important to know what you are interested in before you start applying for internships.

- I knew that I was interested in working for the Foreign Service, an embassy or the permanent mission. I submitted email alerts systems on all of the web sites that have to do with the internship one of them being: Eventually, I sent out 13 applications to the different sections of the Foreign Service in Stockholm, EU and the international departments and after a few weeks I got my internship in Geneva.

During her internship Katrin was faced with a challenge of moving away from the academic writing skills.

- At the permanent mission of Sweden to the UN the daily task of the intern is to read and to get into the whole issue that is at hand at the meeting. As an intern you observe, take notes and report back to Stockholm about what is happening. This writing phase was definitely not easy. When you write in an academic style it becomes too big. They want it precise, short and professional.

The thing that Katrin enjoyed the most during her internship was multinational environment and the process of real negotiations. Her appreciation for the diplomatic work has grown and after the graduation Katrin is planning on applying for internships or jobs in Brussels as well as Foreign Office in Stockholm.

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A student who has done an internship during her third semester.

Katrin Emelie Forslund


Master of Science in Global Studies

Permanent Mission of Sweden to the UN in Geneva, Switzerland

Faculty Office
Sandgatan 3
221 00 Lund