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Stephanie Flanagan

My internship
Stephanie did two internships, both in New York City. She started out as the Community and Education Intern at Lambda Legal, an LBGT advocacy group and later worked as the Program and Human Rights Advocacy Intern at a women’s rights organization called MADRE.

- The work field in the USA, as well as many other places in the world, seems to be "Who do you know?". I felt the need to build my academic and work profile simultaneously to improve my chances of getting a job upon graduation.

Stephanie travelled to New York because she wanted to start networking for future endeavours, and knew that she would like to ultimately end up there. She believes her internships will have a direct, positive effect on her future employability.

- I have now realized the size of the organization I work best in. I gained an insight in company politics and the relation everything has to the community that surrounds it. I have been given references and recommendations as I head in to the work force after graduation. Additionally, I was able to use the same time I was using for school to gain experience in the field, which was very efficient and proactive.

She found both the internships by checking the webpages of organizations she would usually visit to gain information about women’s rights and gender issues, and would contact them directly for information about internship opportunities. By finding internship directly suited to her field of interest, Stephanie was able to apply many of the methods and theories covered during her studies at the Master Programme in Social Studies of Gender.

Given the opportunity, Stephanie believes that everyone should go for an internship.

- Even a negative experience in an internship is a positive realization for your future.

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Internship profile

Stephanie Flanagan did two internships, both in New York City

Name: Stephanie Flanagan

From: United States

Programme: Master of Science in Social Studies of Gender

Background: Broadcasting and Telecommunications Studies and Mass media

Internships: Madre (new window)
Lambda Legal (new window)

Faculty Office
Sandgatan 3
221 00 Lund