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Judith Still - Social study of Gender

My internship

The internship was an extremly rewarding time with a lot of helpful incredible, rewarding and clarifying experiences as well as extremly supportive and motivating colleagues throughout the whole time.

What are the three main things you can recommend our students to do or pay attention to when they search and apply for internships?

First of all it helped me a lot to investigate much time and look into as many organisations and areas as possible. I knew beforehand in what city I wanted to do the internship, so contacting and talking to a lot of actors within the feminist network within this city helped me also afterwards, since I already had knowledge about the network.

Secondly it is very helpful to communicate as many expectations that you have from your internship and time in a certain organisation with your future colleagues beforehand, since then both parts know what to expect from each other and the possibilites of disappointments and frustration can be minimized

Last recommendation is that I always ask if I can have the contact details of former interns if that is possible, to talk to them about their experiences and recommendations.

What should students think about when they search and apply for internships?

Usually at this point I would say that they should think of what they want to work with afterwards and what kind of internships can be supportive or door openers for further employment options.

Since I didn´t know what I wanted o work with I looked out for an internship where I knew beforehand that I would get involved in a whole network and get to know many different actors and organisations within my fields to on the one hand behing able to explore and get to know many possibilities and on the other hand make contacts that migh be useful in the future.

Which of your responsibilities were the most interesting and challenging? Can you think of some task you did not enjoy doing while on internship?

During my internship the task was to update the women´s handbook of Munich, wherein all organisations that offered specialized services within Munich were listed.

With another colleague I was at eye level equally involved and responsible for the different steps and decision making procceses within the project and in collaboration with the journalist and graphic designer. Going through a whole process of editing a tool to make it easier for women to find their way through the diverse support services within Munich was insightful!

Would you recommend students to do an internship? Why?

Absolutely! Personally an internship helps to adapt and apply the theoretical inputs and facilitates the transition to worklife.



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My internship

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