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Birgitta Skaanning Petersen - Global studies

My internship

How did you find your internship?

At the United Nations’ own jobs and internships application web page.

What are the three main things you can recommend our students to do or pay attention to when they search and apply for internships?

Apply for several internships, but always target your motivation letter and CV to each different position.

When you find an organization or a firm you find interesting, try to look at their partners and/or clients. Maybe they have another internship you also find interesting.

Start your search very early.

What should students think about when they search and apply for internships?

Use a lot of time to write a good motivation letter and make sure it has a good and interesting beginning so you catch the reader’s eye.

Which of your responsibilities were the most interesting and challenging? Can you think of some task you did not enjoy doing while on internship?

The most interesting part of my work was the communication and negotiation directly with the local NGOs. In that way I saw and heard how the projects worked and how the local situation was. At the same time it could be challenging to understand the NGO's work and make sure it was corresponding the UN's guidelines. 

The office was involved in an event where I got the task to stand with a sign showing the way to the meeting room for the participants. It was a bit strange that I had to hold the sign instead of just hang it on the wall. But I just got the best out of it by talking to the participants and the security guards, who also found it a bit funny that I had to stand there.

Would you recommend students to do an internship? Why?

Yes, definitely. I found it a great opportunity to work abroad and use the knowledge and methods I’ve learned during my studies, and at the same time get new friends and a lot of unforgettable experiences. 

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My internship

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