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Argena Xhelili - Development studies

My internship
"Doing an internship is the best way to find out what to do with your studies."

How did you find your internship?

I found my internship place through the internet. Since I was interested in doing an internship in Albania at the local level with issues related to gender discrimination and gender related issues I looked at the official page of the Swedish organization ''Kvinna till Kvinna'' for its partners in Albania. There I found the organization ''Woman to Woman'' in Shkoder.

What suggestions do you have for finding a good internship?

  • If you are interested working in the field, search for local organizations. Read very carefully their approach and how they work, and contact them personally. OBS! Do not bomb them with many emails.
  • Did you get a NO? Please continue. It’s part of the process to get that type of answer.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help at from Graduate School staff. If they can’t answer your questions, you can also try the Student Union. 
  • Pay attention to the requirements that are set up for applying for an internship. If you are not sure, call and ask. 

Search for an internship that you know will be interesting for you and which will allow you to grow, even if it is not exactly what you were looking for. Do your best to find an internship placement even if it is not at the UN. A very good motivation letter and structured CV are important.

Which of your responsibilities were the most interesting and challenging? Can you think of some task you did not enjoy doing while on internship?

The most challenging and interesting task that I had during my internship was to develop and coordinate an experimental project on violence prevention, specifically focusing on domestic and gender based violence. Since I had come up with the idea of the project, I had full responsibility to develop and implement it. I had to find different methods on violence prevention, develop modules for the training seminars, write a strategy for the project, conduct the seminars, write reports, have meetings with my supervisor and be the trainer for the seminars. 

One task I didn’t like during my internship was that sometimes I had to help with translations between English to Albanian. 

Would you recommend students to do an internship? Why?

You know you go around and wonder what am I doing with my studies? I had no idea what profile to choose. In my opinion, doing an internship is the best way to find out. And even though an internship can bring up different feelings and emotions, you will grow so much from it. 

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Argena Xhelili

Argena Xhelili

Master of Science in Development Studies

"Woman to woman", Albania

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