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"With focus on a developing world"

Meet the programme director of Development studies
Karin Steen is PhD in sustainability science at LUCSUS (Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies). Her research focus on gender aspects of processes of social and institutional change, mainly in relation to issues of land and labour. Her regional focus is Sub-Saharan Africa. Karin Steen is currently Director of Studies at LUCSUS, as well as programme director for the Master's Programme in Development Studies.

What is the most enjoyable part about teaching?

To interact and produce knowledge together with the students in the classroom! It is stimulating to meet students from all over the world with the common interest in development, and to exchange experiences, ideas and perspectives. Our students are very dedicated and I and the other teachers find it intellectually rewarding to work with them. It is a special atmosphere which both devoted teachers and students contribute to.

What’s unique about this programme?

What is unique about the programme is the multi-disciplinary group of Swedish and international students who create an inspiring intellectual milieu.

Moreover, it is also unique that the programme combines a multi-disciplinary study of development with the students’ backgrounds in different social sciences, while it at the same time offers an advanced degree within a social science major. This means that you, as a student, expand your knowledge about development, through several disciplinary perspectives and interactions with people with different backgrounds, at the same time as you get in-depth knowledge from a specific perspective grounded in your major discipline.

What will students learn?

Our students learn both about the subject matter of development and intrinsic academic skills. In the study of development, theoretical approaches are identified and highlighted in contemporary debates on issues like poverty, inequality, rights, democracy, the state, gender equality, health, climate and environment, and resource management. As part of the academic training our students also learn how to design and conduct independent critical analysis and research, and to communicate it in presentations and writing.

A much appreciated part of the programme is the possibility to do an internship, something that a steadily increasing number of students choose to do. Many students also conduct fieldwork as part of their methods training.

The Social Studies of Development programme works closely with the Master's programmes in Global Studies and Social Studies of Gender, creating many possibilities for interaction and learning between these fields.

What kind of career is possible after pursuing this programme?

The Master's programme in Development Studies prepares our students for work with policy and/or practice in an international organisation, NGO, or governmental agency. The programme also gives a good scientific basis upon which to pursue a research career.

Programme Director

Dr. Karin Steen

Karin Steen

Programme Director Development Studies

Email: karin [dot] steen [at] lucsus [dot] lu [dot] se

Phone: +46 46 222 80 83

Faculty Office
Sandgatan 3
221 00 Lund