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Integration - SIMS22

15 credits, Autumn 2018
The course Integration: International Relations and the making of a Global World focuses on the historical origins of the global, international state system in order to better understand challenges facing the world today.

Studying the Emergence of the Global World

In a complex and fast moving global climate, the deep approach to international history and politics offered in this course will help students understand why the world looks the way it does and provide them with the tools to analyze it.

We will consider a range of different processes tied to the emergence of the global world in the long nineteenth century and beyond, including, but not limited to, economic, military, legal, normative, cultural, linguistic and institutional practices. These practices and processes are examined from a number of different theoretical perspectives and on a variety of analytical levels and scales. Students will be introduced to central issues in current and (to a lesser extent) past scholarly debates regarding the origins of the global international state system, key concepts and analytical tools. More specifically, the course will examine the following themes:

  • the relative importance of military power to Western, imperial expansion versus knowledge construction
  • the relationship between international law and subordination of non-Western states
  • the agency of non-Western states
  • the extent to which contemporary economic globalization is a categorical departure from “integration” in earlier historical periods 
  • the co-constitutive relationship between individual states and the international system, including the relationship between the character of post-colonial statehood and the international system
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Course period: 2018-09-03 to 2018-11-04

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Amanda Cheney
Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Political Science

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