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Internship - all you need to know

All you need to know about the Graduate School internship course

Step-by-step Guide to the internship course

Find the internship position yourself

Information meetings about internship will be held during your first semester in the programme and in the beginning of the second semester. We recommend you to start applying for internships early in the spring semester (February-March). Some organisations publish ads looking for interns, others do not even know what an intern can bring to the organisation because they have never thought about it. Do not be afraid to contact interesting organisations directly!

Graduate School publishes most internship ads on the board in the hallway (between the lecture rooms). We have also gathered some links that might be useful in the search for an internship, you'll find them here. Often, applying for an internship is just as demanding as applying for a job. You need a CV and cover letter, and sometimes references from previous employment.

Fill out the Internship Agreement Form

The agreement form should be filled out carefully by yourself and the contact person at the organisation. This contact person should preferably be your supervisor but could also be a staff manager or similar. When the agreement form is signed by yourself and the organisation representative, you submit it to the Graduate School. You can leave the form in the student reception desk or bring it to the academic advisor during visiting hours. If you are not in Lund, a scanned copy of the agreement will work. Note that the scanned copy must be of good quality.

The academic advisor will discuss the internship agreement with the Director of Studies. The Director of Studies will approve the internship or reject it due to incomplete description of tasks or other issues. You will receive confirmation by email.

To think about:

  • Your tasks should be qualified and relevant for your programme and major. You should have independent tasks as well as taking part in the daily routines of the organisation.
  • Make sure you have time to do the course assignments. We recommend you negotiate the hours with your supervisor so that you have some time every week for course work.
  • Your internship must take place whithin the regular autumn semester period. You will need to be back in Lund in mid-January, for the start of the spring semester.

Finally, check the details for your destination

If you are doing an internship abroad, it is your responsibility to check all details regarding travelling, VISA, accommodation, vaccinations etc. Remember to check the validity of your passport and make sure to bring the MIC-card (medical insurance card) provided by the Graduate School academic advisor. You will be required to post course assignments on Live@Lund, which means you will need an internet connection.


The internship is a course and should be funded like any other course. Some organisations provide for your living costs during the internship, but this is rare. Swedish students can apply for CSN for the internship course. If you apply for CSN, remember to apply for two semesters at once. The grades for the internship will not be reported until early February, which may cause some inconvenience regarding payment for the following semester.

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30 credit internship: September 3, 2018 to January 18, 2019

15 credit internship: September 3 to November 2, 2018, or November 5, 2018, to January 18, 2019

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