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Writing Sessions

About Writing Sessions

Why would I want to participate?

Graduate School is now organising writing sessions for first and second year master's students! We recognise that the writing process can sometimes be challenging and lonesome, but it does not need to be this way. Bring the project you have been working on lately and dive into it within a structured, supportive and distraction-free environment along with other students who are working on similar projects. 

Table with laptops and notebooks

Remember that this is not just an opportunity to write but also to try out new study techniques, network, exchange ideas, get to know how others are tackling their projects and even meet new people with whom to create your own study group for the upcoming months! 

What should I expect?

This is a student-led initiative that accommodates a maximum of 20 students per event regardless of the delivery format (hybrid, online or on campus). Given that the sessions are organised in accordance with your assignment deadlines, make sure to keep an eye on the Upcoming tab to find more information on what writing sessions you might want to join next.

The aim of these gatherings is for you to:

  • Reduce the possible anxieties related to writing
  • Learn how to set realistic goals
  • Develop time management skills and test out different study techniques 
  • Reflect on your own writing style and process
  • Approach writing as a collective practice by building a “community of writers”
  • Cultivate the focus needed to concentrate expressly on your writing project

Contact Andrea Sánchez with any questions you might have (gsintern [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se) or see FAQs for more information.


Contact Information

Graduate School Intern
gsintern [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se