Thesis Proposal

The starting point of your master's thesis

Already when you apply for a Graduate School master's programme, you should submit a draft of your thesis proposal. Once you have started the programme you will be asked to submit a thesis proposal. This is due in the third semester, before the start of the thesis course. The proposal will be the basis for assigning your supervisor and the starting point of your thesis process.



The thesis proposal should draw a connection between your academic background, i.e. your major,  and the programme (Development Studies, Global Studies, or Social Studies of Gender).

What to include in your Draft Thesis Proposal

  • A working title. This title should be short and concise.
  • The Research Problem: Define the topic and include a brief statement of the problem as well as relevant research questions.
  • Theory/mode of analysis: How will the research problem be understood in principle and how will it be structured? Specify your theoretical approach.
  • Methods and empirical data: How do you intend to investigate your research problem?
  • References: Here you can include some relevant literature that you will use to write your thesis. It can include sources which you have not yet had the opportunity to read as well as texts with which you are acquainted.

The thesis proposal should be 2,500-3,500 characters, references excluded.

"Keep it very concise. Keep it very specific. Make sure it can be answered. Try not to fit everything into one research question. Only do that which is possible through your research. Do not make it more than it is!"

- some advice from a previous student regarding the research question.