How to submit your thesis

A step-by-step guide

As current student you will receive up-to-date information from the Graduate School programme coordinators via information meetings and messages in Live@Lund and by email. If you are a former student who have not yet handed in your thesis, we hope you will find all information you might need on these pages. We are looking forward to receiving your thesis!


1. Contact your supervisor

You might want to get in touch with your former supervisor before submitting your thesis, even though you might not have had contact for some time. Please note that the supervisors are not required to read your whole thesis before submission, they should however be informed.

2. Contact Graduate School

We would like to know beforehand if you plan on submitting your thesis or not. That is why we always have a deadline for notifying a couple of weeks before submission. You can do this by filling out an online form by the deadline. These forms will be posted here on our website one month before any given submission.

The notification is not binding, i.e. you can still submit even if you did not notify and vice versa. Your notification helps us plan for the examination seminars. Also, if you notify you will be on our email list and thus receive necessary information about submission, so please let ut know!

3. Submit your thesis!

On the day of the submission you should hand in two (2) paper copies of your thesis before 11 am. You should also upload a pdf-version in the student portal  LiveatLund. The uploading is important in order for your peers to find your thesis for the examination seminars. If you do not have access to LiveatLund, please contact the support.

If you cannot be in Lund to hand in your thesis, you can send a friend to hand it in for you. You can also send it by post but it must have reached the Graduate School Office by the deadline 11 am. The postal address is: Graduate School, Faculty of Social Sciences, Box 117, SE-221 00 Lund.

4. Wait for the thesis seminar schedule

The seminar schedule will be sent out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot consider individual preferences for a special date or time. While you wait for the schedule, you can start preparing for your own seminar presentation.

5. Attend the thesis seminars

Detailed intstructions for the seminars will be published on LiveatLund and emailed to you. We encourage students to join all seminars in their group. The examination seminars are usually a lot more enjoyable when a group of students participate. It can also mean a lot for the author and the opponent to have the support of their peers.

6. Receive your grade

The teacher has three weeks to decide on a grade and report it to Graduate School. Most likely, you will know if you pass or fail right after the seminar, but this is not always the case. When you have received a passing grade, you may take a few days to make minor corrections (spelling and grammar) and then upload your thesis in LUP Student Papers. Please note that reporting the thesis grade includes several steps and might therefore take a few days.


Upcoming thesis submissions

January 2021

Examination will take place online!

December 14, 2020: Notify Graduate School if you plan to submit. An online form will be posted in late November.

January 4, 2021: Final submission

January 13-15, 2021: Thesis examination seminars