Summer send-off from the Director

Dear students,

You made it – we all did – to the end of this extraordinary academic year! The Corona pandemic forced us to radically, and very quickly, overhaul almost everything we did: how we taught, how we administered, how we admitted and processed new students, how we allocated resources and to what. You have been front and centre in this: every single day we have talked about your situation, and how you were coping. Our tired teaching teams have regularly come to us to discuss what can be done to aid you. In the end, all that talk and all these preparations would have been for nothing but for your resilience, your understanding, your can-do attitude and your sheer grit. Last August, when I welcomed you to Graduate School, I told you that you were exceptional people, plucked after much deliberation from a very large group of highly qualified applicants. This term you have certainly validated that claim. 

Uncertainty lingers about the future and when the dreaded Corona virus will finally be beaten back – but given the experience this term, I know one thing: you, and we, will prevail. In a year’s time I hope to bid you a final fond farewell in Lund, as you prepare to take on new challenges. This year, I’m soooo looking forward to seeing you – the most important members of the Graduate School family – back in Lund again as soon as possible. We miss you!

Mikael Sundström

Director of Studies