Spring term courses 2021

Profile and elective courses


SIMP02 - Globalisation, Conflict, Security and the State

The objectives of this course are to provide students with different theoretical perspectives to critically analyse (a) the continuing relevance of the state and (b) positive and negative consequences of globalisation processes for various dimensions of security, such as military, political, economic, cultural and psychological. (15 credits)

SIMP28 - Critical Feminist Perspectives in Social Theory

This course focuses on significant feminist interventions to social theories within the distinct but interrelated spheres of the economic, political, social and sexual. (15 credits)

SIMP38 - Historical Aspects of Development

The course will introduce you to a broad historical view of colonial processes in three continents followed by a wide-ranging critical theoretical discussion of colonial and imperialist history. (15 credits)

SIMP46 - Middle Eastern Studies: Theory and Society

The aim of the course is to examine the utility of theoretical concepts, perspectives and approaches to the understanding of lived experiences in Middle Eastern societies. (15 credits)

How to apply

If you are a programme student enrolled in one of the Graduate School master's programmes, you will be admitted to the profiile course for your programme in the second term. If you are not a programme student in your first year of studies, you can apply via www.antagning.se

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