Internship Course

SIMR43, 30 credits - SIMR44, 15 credits

The internship course offer Graduate School programme students an opportunity to try the theories and methods from the programme in an organisation.


Internship for Programme Students

During the third term of your programme at Graduate School, you can do an internship for the whole semester, 20 weeks (30 credits) or for half a semester, 10 weeks (15 credits). The internship course is only offered in the autumn term and is only open for students enrolled in Development Studies, Global Studies, Social Studies of Gender, and Middle Eastern Studies programmes (please note that students in the Middle Eastern Studies programme may only take the 10 week internship course due to other third term requirements within their programme structure).

Requirements for Eligibility

In order to be eligible to do the internship course you need to have passed all the mandatory courses during your first year as a programme student. This means you must have one year (60 credits) of coursework within your master programme, including the two profile courses for the programme amounting to 30 credits and 30 credits of courses in theory of science (at least 7.5 credits) and research methods (at least 15 credits). If you feel unsure about you eligibility, please contact Graduate School’s academic advisor.

Ideas and Inspiration

You can read more about internships, student experiences, and other ideas on the Internship pages.

Online course platform

This course uses Canvas as the online course platform. The course platform will be opened one week before the course begins to all students who were accepted. Here you will be able to access literature, assignments, announcements, as well as participate in discussions and communicate with teachers. 

Internship Coordinator

Headshot of Catia Gregoratti

Catia Gregoratti

Tel.: 046-2224510
catia [dot] gregoratti [at] svet [dot] lu [dot] se

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Programme Coordinator
Lucie Larssonova
Phone: 046-222 46 39 
E-mail: lucie [dot] larssonova [at] sam [dot] lu [dot] se
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