Gender, Global Development and Postcolonialism - SIMS39

15 credits, Autumn 2020

This is an interdisciplinary course addressing issues of gender and development. As a student you will explore central questions and themes that have been critically raised by researchers and activists in the field.


A Range of Themes in Gender, Development, and Postcolonialism

In this course, you will be introduced to the breadth of the field of gender and development theory and to central issues in current debates in a postcolonial world regarding social inequalities and change, key concepts, theories and analytical tools. More specifically, the course will examine the following:

  • History of development and gender debates from colonialism to postcolonialism: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), development policies, mainstreaming gender, development, and beyond.
  • Problematizing categories in gender and development from a postcolonial perspective: gender, masculinities, queer, global power relations, human rights and recognition.
  • Studying and theorizing bodies in the postcolonial era as sites of contestation: population, reproduction, health, sexuality, violence, conflict and gendered insecurity.
  • Analysing gender and global inequalities: work, employment, migration, poverty, sustainable development and climate change.

Online course platform

This course uses Canvas as the online course platform. The course platform will be opened one week before the course begins to all students who were accepted. Here you will be able to access literature, assignments, announcements, as well as participate in discussions and communicate with teachers. 


The course schedule can be found under the course information on the right. Please note that the final version of the schedule will be made available four weeks before the course begins, and changes may occur until that point. A more detailed schedule will be available on the course platform on Canvas.

Course coordinator

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Helle Rydström
Professor, Department of Gender Studies

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