Profile and elective courses

Courses for Graduate Schools interdisciplinary programmes


As a student in one of the four master's programmes of Graduate School - Development Studies, Global Studies, Social Studies of Gender or Middle Eastern Studies - you are offered a range of courses within your area of study. Some of these courses are profile courses (SIMP), specific for each programme; others are elective courses (SIMS) and internship/fieldwork courses (SIMR) given by Graduate School and available during your third semester.

If you are not a programme student, you are welcome to apply for these courses on

Autumn term courses 2020

SIMP17 - Introduction to Global Studies

SIMP25 - Gender, Class, Ethnicity and Sexuality

SIMP35 - Theories and Issues in Development

SIMP45 - Introduction to Middle Eastern Studies

SIMS26 - Migration and Development

SIMS39 - Gender, Global Development and Post-Colonialism

SIMS40 - AI in Society

SIMS51 - Middle Eastern Refugees in the Global North

SIMS53 - Environment and Sustainable Development in the Middle East

SIMS55 - Islam and the Politics of Everyday Life in the Middle East

SIMS57 - Gender and Politics in the Middle East

SIMR43 & SIMR44 - Internship course

SIMR50 - Fieldwork course

Spring term courses 2021

SIMP02 - Globalisation, Conflict, Security and the State

SIMP28 - Critical Feminist Perspectives in Social Theory

SIMP38 - Historical Aspects of Development

SIMP46 - Middle Eastern Studies: Theory and Society