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Methods and Methodology Report

a comparison report on methods and methodology curricula in eight universities
This report examines the graduate-level methods/methodology teaching of eight universities across three departments – Political Science, Psychology and Sociology. The main focus is on how each university structures its methods courses within and across its masters and PhD curricula. The report conceives of methods and methodology in the broadest sense, to include research design, theory of science, as well as more concrete quantitative and qualitative methods.

Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, dekan
Ann-Katrin Bäcklund

A word from the Dean

In an era of quick and often poorly substantiated opinions, social scientists have a particular responsibility to improve knowledge about the world by presenting analyses that are based on solid empirical grounds.

The amount as well as the variation of accessible data that can be used for research and analysis of society is increasing. Also, tools aiding the collection and analysis of data are under development.

We have a responsibility to avoid the routinisation of how we use and teach scientific methods and methodology. Not only must we keep abreast of new developments, but also create conditions for teachers and students to attain methodological excellence.   

Chris Swader, methods director at Graduate School and one who has the additional responsibility in promoting the development of methodological skills at the faculty, has initiated work on the methods comparison report that you will linked below.

He and Annika Hughes, also at Graduate School, have studied three disciplines (psychology, political science, and sociology) across eight universities, including Lund, in order to learn more about the potential range of courses and principles of progression. The variation is striking, both regarding the kind of courses that are on offer, and the possibility for students to gain specialised knowledge.

We believe that this report can inspire a discussion which could lead to change and progress.  

Ann-Katrin Bäcklund, Dean

Download the report here.

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Download the report on methods and methodology here.



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