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Events at Graduate School

Graduate School organizes several annual events to enrich your experience as a student
Since Graduate School works with students and staff from various departments at the Faculty of Social Sciences, we are also responsible for some joint events. These are great opportunities for students to gain experience, network, and be exposed to different areas of interest.

Development Practitioner Seminar (DPS) series


Cristiana Conte

The DPS is a regular seminar hosted by three development studies programmes at Lund University during the spring semester. Development practitioners are invited to share their expertise and experiences with our motivated and ambitious students, who are the next generation of development practitioners. Invited students include Master's students of Development Studies, Global Studies and Social Studies of Gender (Graduate School), Master's students of International Development and Management (LUMID) as well as Bachelor's students in Development Studies (BIDS).

The seminars provide an opportunity for students to engage in conversation with an individual with a career in the development field. Key points of interest include how practitioners first entered into their current area of expertise, different aspects of career development and important skills that they have attained, as well as challenges they have met and how/ if these were overcome. As our students are looking ahead to take steps of their own on paths following their studies, invited guests shared experiences and ideas surrounding the field of development will provide an excellent starting point, also creating potentially inspirational and informative seminars.

Development Practitioner Seminar Series

Happy student at the graduation ceremony.

Social Events for Students

Graduate School also organizes an annual Autumn Potluck, Lucia Fika and a Spring Lunch with changing themes, and other activities where programme students can meet and get to know each other better.

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